Our U.S. Hospital Partner

Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH), a leading U.S. hospital system based in Memphis, Tennessee, supports staffing and training for US-Sino HeartCare.  Methodist includes eight state-of-the-art hospitals offering the latest in heart care technology for diagnostic screening, robotic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation and minimally-invasive procedures. The Heart Institute at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital is considered one of the finest pediatric cardiology and heart surgery programs in the U.S.

MLH has extensive experience with the use of high-speed CT scans to screen for heart disease.  They have effectively used this advanced technology as a life-saving early detection tool.  Other diagnostic tests may detect blockages large enough to decrease the blood supply to the heart, but high-speed CT scans can reveal the beginning of heart disease in much younger people.

For more information about Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare, visit: methodisthealth.org