The inspiration and the ten-year journey that led a U.S. cardiologist to Beijing. 

For Dr. Dwight Clark, establishing US-Sino HeartCare in Beijing required many years of effort and considerable time learning the culture, building relationships, and developing local partnerships to achieve one goal – prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Dr. Clark’s journey was launched when he recognized the need in China for the prevention and early detection of heart disease. As the result of changing diet and lifestyles, heart attacks and strokes now are the leading causes of death in China, accounting for 40% of deaths, compared to 10% in the 1950s.

To help reverse this alarming trend, Dr. Clark has collaborated with the leading experts in diagnosis and prevention. He established a partnership with iKang Evergreen Medical International and formed a team of highly respected cardiologists who shared his vision, including Dr. Hu Dayi and Dr. Arthur Agatston. Their experience, research, and innovative techniques have set the standard for advanced preventive cardiac health care around the world.